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Employment contracts govern the employment relationship between an employee and their employer. Whether an employment contract is written, implied, or oral, an employment contract can be a source of litigation when an employer breaches, breaks, or otherwise violates the agreement. Breach of employment contracts often occurs when an employer fires an employee or the employment relationship otherwise breaks down.

When a breach of an employment contract occurs, consult a breach of contract mediator for free advice immediately. This will then preserve your rights and allow you to discuss your best options.

Sovereign Mediation and Counseling thrives on providing effective mediation and resolution. Our strict, firm, and intimidating our breach of contract mediator is no-nonsense when it comes to making sure the law and employee rights are respected in all types of contract disputes. For most parties that seek resolution to breach of employment contract issues through mediation, one of the key benefits is greater control over their costs and risks. The parties to the dispute are in control of the process throughout. An experienced breach of employment contract attorney with mediation skills can help the parties work together to resolve the dispute rather than resort to litigation.

The mediator can play a critical role by explaining the advantages of a cooperative settlement against a legally enforced ruling of the courts or arbitrators. For people who are in business, it becomes easier to negotiate with each other with the help of a knowledgeable mediator and resolve their contractual disputes.