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Sovereign Mediation and Counseling has been involved in several partnerships and joint venture disputes as well as family and closely held corporation disputes involving real estate, joint ventures, law firm partnerships, and closely-held businesses. The firm’s business expertise is particularly useful in attempting to resolve these types of disputes without litigation or, alternatively, through mediation or arbitration. However, when necessary, the firm’s litigation capability is readily available to address situations that cannot be resolved through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution.

We provide an entire range of dispute resolution services, from mediation through litigation, including:

  • Partnership agreements
  • Limited Liability Company agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Termination agreements

Business partnerships resemble marriages in many ways. A signed legal document filed with the State brings individuals together to work in harmony. But, like many marriages, differences and disputes arise. They sometimes lead to a divorce. When partnerships dissolve or have disagreements, it’s common for misgivings, emotional distress, and loss to affect the partners.

At Sovereign Mediation and Counseling, we have experienced partnership mediators available to help you form a business partnership, resolve a dispute, or dissolve one. Why do marital divorces happen? The same question applies to partnerships—married couples quarrel; partners dispute. If you are unable to resolve your disagreements with your partner(s) and the relationship is having a negative impact on your business, it is time to consult with one of our partnership mediators.

A business without unity usually fails. Don’t let disputes with your partner (s) destroy your business!